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    Italy has no secret for ODU Movies: fast solutions are the base of the company, especially regarding we have locations, equipment, casting, logistics. Discover all the services or get in touch with us.
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    Tuscany, Venice, Rome, the Alps, villages, beaches, clubs or villas. Where else? Italy offers a wide range of outstanding locations. ODU Movies can suggest you the best sites for your shooting and get all the permissions required.
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    The team works with professionalism and enthusiasm. Go through the 28 Productions done till date in Italy, mainly from the Indian and Chinese markets. Take a look at the colourful portfolio.

Odu Movies - Executive Production

Plan your shooting in Italy.
Film production, location manager, casting, equipment.

Bring your production to Italy with ODU Movies, with a full-service package for foreign films, television shows and photo shoots. With ODU Movies' expert staff and efficient method, you will be able to discover all the possibility of a shooting in Italy. At ODU Movies solutions are provided, for any kind of requests, regarding locations, equipment, casting, logistics. Soon online the Shooting Planner, where there will be an online pre-scouting experience, so you can explore Italy and organize your shooting in few clicks.

ODU Movies offers a full service shooting package in Italy, for foreign media and entertainment productions, with a problem-solving oriented and culturally-aware executive production team. ODU Movies is the ideal shooting partner, discover more.
Rome, Florence and Venice. But also the Alps, the Tuscan countryside, the Mediterranean beaches, villas, castles and clubs. The colourful landscapes of Italy offer unlimited resources for a shooting. Find your location with ODU Movies' location managers.
Thanks to ODU Movies' Casting Manager selection, you can get into your movie the best professionals in the world of entertainment in Italy: dancers, actors, models and extras all over the Country are available also through auditions to be organized accordingly.