How to shoot in Italy in a smart way

Be smart:
shoot in Italy!

In each Region of Italy (20), there is one or more Film Commissions, made of professionals who can help and support media and entertainment projects, through information and also incentives. ODU Movies has privileged relationships with all of them.

If you have a project which sees a wide schedule abroad, Italy can be your partner in your film: there are many ways to get funds, incentives or discounts from the Public Administrations. ODU Movies will work with you to make the costs lower and the quality better.

Film Commissions
“the Republic promotes cultural development and scientific and technical research”
Art. 9, Italian Constitution
Every Region of Italy has one or more Film Commissions, ready to help an International project with different tools. The offices can help with permission or logistical issues; they can also have funds for support selected works.

In Italy, in addition to fiscal incentives in favor of the industry, there are also available both National and Regional direct funds. The National funds (FUS) are intended only for Italian companies. The Regional funds are varied in their  objectives, nature, substance, criteria and beneficiaries: some of these are directed towards foreign companies.

Tax Credit

ODU Movies can make your project participating at the TAX Credit Plan, provided by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of the Italian Government. The TAX Credit is a fiscal incentive to attract more foreign films to Italy to shoot. The Italian Government has approved again the law for the year 2014 and the debate a Foreign Production can get, out of the net Production cost, is 25% on the eligible costs. The Main condition is that the Italian expenses must not exceed 60% of the overall Budget.

Hence, a foreign producer can go through ODU Movies as the Italian tax resident executive production. 90 days before the shoot starts are needed to apply for the TAX Credit.

You can check out a detailed presentation, made by ANICA, the Italian Association of the Film Companies here.

Product placement

Italy is not only art and nature. The "Made in Italy" is synonyms of excellence, especially in the field of food, fashion, furniture, automobiles and so on. ODU Movies can be your partner, getting Italian or European brands interested in being part of the project: it is under-development the creation of an Italian “movie-aware” network, creating connections with different private companies that are ready to promote their brands in the Indian or Chinese market. What's so better than a film?