Odu Movies - Staff

Young minds
for a better future

ODU Movies is led by Ivano Fucci and Michele Saragoni, two Italian entrepreneurs who have skills and passion in different areas: media, communication, tourism, India. ODU Movies is an Executive Production Company, a division of Occhi di Ulisse SNC.

Ivano lives in India, in the city of Mumbai, following the pre-production work of the Indian productions before leaving for Italy. While Michele lives in Italy, in the city of Lucca, taking care of the ground arrangements and especially keeping the Shooting Team updated: the Production Team, the Casting Team, Technicians and the Logistic arrangement.

Thanks to our skills, network and experience, we are more than an Executive Production. We see ourselves as cultural mediators, intermediaries between different environments and methods. With this kind of approach, ODU Movies will help you in reaching your goals without wasting time or money.

We also keep up on the working environment through internet, trade shows and events. We often take part to media and entertainment events in Italy and in the reference markets.