Casting Call – India


विज्ञापन के लिए देसी दिखने वाले चेहरों की तलाश
اشتہار کے لئے دیسی دیکھنے والے چہروں کی تلاش

For actresses and actors with Indian looking face, living in Italy, particularly people with origin from the following countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iran.
We are looking for both professional actors and non-professionals (eg. extras). Age group 18-35 years.

Send an e-mail with subject CASTING INDIA to, containing:

In the mail text:

Name and Surname / Age / City of residence.


1. One headshot picture, one front and two side profiles each.
2. One full length picture.
3. (Optional) A short presentation video showing both side profiles. The video must contain a brief personal introduction, specifying the height, the language skills and any kind of skill one might have.
4. (Optional) A video in which two expressions must be shown:
a. Happiness: improvise a scene in which a friend makes you a birthday surprise and you show a happy and surprised reaction.
b. Sadness: improvise a scene in which you remind to a friend about your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife showing him/her how he/she was important for you.